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About the Electrodes - Copper and Titanium

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In the ECOsmarte Electrode Chamber of Pool, Spa, and City Home Water Treatment Systems, there are two sets of electrodes (4 total), copper(2) and titanium (2).  On one "side" (end) of the chamber are two copper electrodes facing each other and on the other "side" (end) of the chamber are two titanium electrodes facing each other.

(Pictured below is a city water point-of-entry chamber) 

The copper electrodes are "sacrificial".  They wear away as they create ions.  In pool systems copper electrodes last about 1-3 years depending on water balance, length of swimming season, and care.  In spa and city home water treatment systems they last up to 7 years. 

Almost immediately as they begin to be used the copper electrodes will turn colors such as blue and/or green.  This is normal.  They are only a pretty copper color when they are new, as seen in the picture above.


The titanium electrodes are made of titanium with a precious metal coating on the surface of the"face" (the sides that face each other).  They produce dissolved oxygen through electrolysis.  They do not lose mass the way the copper electrodes do.  Their size and shape will never change.  The precious metal coating is delicate but with proper care they will last many years.  

The coating on the face of the titanium electrodes is a very dark, almost black, color.  (Pictured below are titanium electrodes.  The first picture is the side with the precious metal coating and the bottom picture is the back, which attaches to the chamber with screws.  The two pictures are meant to show the difference in coloration comparing the precious metal coating with the non-coated back of the electrodes)

FRONT/FACE - Dark Gray

BACK - Light Gray

If the face becomes the same light gray as the backs of the electrodes the precious metal coating has likely worn off.  They will not produce oxygen anymore and will no longer provide sanitation.  A dissolved oxygen meter is one of several ways to determine whether the titanium electrodes need to be replaced.  The quality of the water will deteriorate if the titanium electrode coating has worn off.  Call or send a picture to us if damage to the titanium electrodes is suspected.  (Poor water quality can have several causes.  Damaged or worn titanium electrodes is one of the less-than-likely causes of poor water quality because the electrodes tend to last a long time).

Electrode care and maintenance is necessary to get the most out of the ECOsmarte System.  Refer to the care articles in this knowledge base for maintenance instructions.

Note:  If you receive new titanium electrodes and they have darker spots or even some scratches on the surface, this will not impede their effectiveness.  If there is concern though please contact us and we will exchange them.  The manufacturing process causes variations.  Each electrode has an unique appearance.

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