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Ion/Oxy? What do they mean?

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Ion - refers to "ionization".  The copper electrodes are "ionized" which puts tiny bits of the copper into the pool water preventing the growth of algae and other organisms.  Because the water can only "hold" so much copper the amount of ionization needs to be limited.  Once the pool or spa has the optimum amount of copper, .5 ppm - .7 ppm, ionization only needs to be done when the copper falls below that level.  

Testing once per week should verify if copper is needed but usually ionization "ion" is needed about once per week during the regular filter cycle.

Oxy - refers to "oxidation".  The titanium electrodes react with the water causing hydrogen molecules to be released and the remaining oxygen molecules stay in the water in the form of dissolved oxygen.  This extra oxygen in the water creates an environment that is unfriendly to harmful bacteria.  This oxidation is similar to how chlorine sanitizes water and is why it is able to replace chlorine/bromine.  

The ECOsmarte system needs to run in the "oxy" setting every day with the filter cycle (with the exception of the 7th day which is when the system needs to "ionize" to put in the needed copper).

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