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Pool System - what is the wire/small tube that attaches to two of the plates?

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The "tubelight"is shown below

Pictured below is the tubelight installed on an ECOsmarte Pool System Chamber

The two LEDs inside the tubelight light up while the ECOsmarte Pool System is in operation.  They alternate between red and green.  The sole purpose of the tubelight is to show that electricity flows for 90 seconds through one side of the chamber then switches to flow for 90 seconds through the other side of the chamber.  This alternating between electrodes helps to wear the copper electrodes evenly.  

The tubelight was invented for the purpose of helping with the installation of new pool systems. It is included with new pool systems to show that they have been installed and wired correctly and performing the way they should.  

When the tube light wears out and stops working, it is not necessary to replace it.  It does not create a connection between the electrodes.  

However, since it shows that the electricity is alternating correctly it is perfectly acceptable to replace it when it stops functioning.  Just keep in mind that it is not built to last very long.  The worst thing that can happen is that if the electricity coming from the control box stops alternating the chamber will build up corrosion unevenly and one copper electrode will wear away while the other looks like new.  If that happens the factory with have to fix the control box (cost of about $50 or less if out of warranty) and one of the copper electrodes will have to be replaced.  

The cost in both scenarios is minimal.  Replacing the tubelight is purely a personal choice.

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