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Metals In An ECOsmarte Pool/Spa

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RE:  Metals in the ECOsmarte pool or spa

The ECOsmarte System uses electrolysis to create and distribute ionized copper into the pool or spa.  The water can only hold a certain of metal suspended in solution.  When the metal goes over this amount it begins to form back into a solid and precipitate out of the water.  This precipitate then settles onto the surfaces of the pool or spa creating what appears to be stains.  These discolorations, often misidentified as algae, is easily brushed off but then resettles.

Copper can precipitate out of the water if the concentration gets above about 1.3 ppm.  When it does, it causes discolorations of blue, green, or black.  Another metal that can precipitate out of the water is iron.  Iron is often introduced through fill water such as well water.  These discolorations are usually rust colored.

To prevent metals from precipitating out of the water, maintain the correct copper level of .5ppm - .7 ppm.  Do not use algaecides that contain metals which will add to the load of metal in the water.  Be sure that maintenance ionization is only happening about once per week and only if the levels have dropped below .4 ppm.  To prevent iron from precipitating either prevent it's introduction by installing a device that will pull iron from fill water before it does into the pool or pull it out after it's in the pool water by using an ECOsmarte recommended product.  If the fill water is coming from the home water either install an ECOsmarte Point of Entry system or use an iron filter that can be attached to a garden hose.

To lower the concentration of metals there are two recommended methods;  1) partially drain and refill the water to dilute it.  2) use ECOsmarte recommended products to lower the metals.  For iron removal use either Rust-B-Gone or Ferre Tabs.  For copper removal use Ferre Tabs.

To pull copper back into solution once the concentration has been lowered use 5 lbs per 20,000 gallons of potassium monopersulfate non-chlorine shock.

To determine whether discolorations are composed of metal or caused by some other factor, follow the directions in the article Stains On The Pool Surface.

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