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About Phosphates

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When phosphates get into the pool or spa they cause problems such as algae, more wear on the copper electrodes, and preventing the copper from rising to the .5ppm to .7ppm range.  They can get into the water through rain or on swimsuits that have been in water with phosphates.  Phosphates are in rural water run off because they are used as fertilizers on farms.  Because they are a fertilizer they are a food source for algae.  When phosphates get into the pool or spa water they make it impossible to eliminate algae.  So, in order to control algae, phosphates have to be controlled.

The ECOsmarte techs have observed that if there are phosphates in pool water pouring in a small amount of phosphate remover such as Sea Klear Phosphate Remover will cause a spot of cloudiness in the water.  They have used this as an indication of the presence of high phosphates and the need to use the phosphate remover.  Because phosphate tests are notoriously unreliable this is a good option to try if phosphates are suspected.

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